Real Plans – Cook at Home with Minimal Stress

Why Home Cooking?

What if I told you that you add years to your life, and life to your years by cooking more at home?  While doing so, you free up time and energy, enjoy and digest food better and create space for human connection,  security, empathy and generosity. What if I also told you there is a great tool called Real Plans that makes it easy to cook at home!?

Studies Show

Studies show eating home cooked meals on a regular basis is linked to:

  • Healthier and happier kids. Teens who are less likely to use alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.
  • According to WebMD, research has shown children who frequently eat home-cooked meals are less likely to be overweight.
  • Healthier and happier adults who consume less sugar and processed foods. This leads to higher energy levels and more robust mental health. Studies found family meals tend to contain more fruits and vegetables and less fried food, soda and trans fat.
  • Research by Cambridge University shows eating a home-cooked meals at least 5 days a week is associated with a longer life.
  • Better mental health benefits. Eating with others can make us feel happier, even beyond meal times, because we feel a sense of belonging. It can mitigate symptoms of depression.
  • Benefits the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.Choose whole foods over processed foods and cut down on packaging.
  • Spend less money.  According to Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, the average household spends an average of $3,008 per year on dining out.

Why We Don’t Cook at Home

Knowing all these health, social and environmental benefits, why are more people not cooking their own meals?  Only 27% of Americans daily cook their own meals.  (ABC Radio, 3/28/18)

The #1 reason is not enough time.

Second to that is the convenience factor. There are innumerable food options available outside the home.

The Solution: Real Plans Meal Plans

Subscribing to Real Plan meal plans saves you time, energy and money by organizing your meal planning, preparation and shopping time. It supports your physical and emotional health.

Reduce your stress when Sunday rolls around and you think, “How am I going to manage the meal prep for my family this week with our hectic, crazy schedules?”

Unlike meal delivery kits, boxes or services, you source and buy your own food with Real Plans.

I like being able to choose which vegetables, produce, and meat/fish/eggs I buy for my family.
I love and highly recommend Real Plans because it manages at home meal preparation and sets you up for success to reap all the benefits of at home meal preparation.

Wynne Heilbrunn

Benefits of Real Meal Plans

  • Generates personalized weekly menus and food plans specific to your dietary needs.  You indicate your preferences and food restrictions such as Classic, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Keto, AIP and more.
  • Select the number of people you will be cooking for with quantity-specific recipes.
  • Dictate the amount of time you want to spend in the kitchen.
  • Ingredient lists and preparation instruction include directions on when to take foods out of refrigerator or freezer, and when to prep each step along the way.
  • Creates efficiency by facilitating the least number of trips to grocery store.
  • Access to over 1,500 carefully created recipes to suit every taste and occasion.
  • Accessible on your computer, phone or tablet for quick access when you need it.
  • Flexibility in modifying your preferences for ingredients, shopping lists and timelines to match shifts in your schedule and dietary needs and preferences of family members.
  • Adjustable portion sizes and number of meals per week.

I like to cook in batches and eat leftovers throughout the week to save time and Real Plans allows  you to do this!

This at-home meal plan system is easy as pie (gluten-free if that works best for you,  of course!)

If you are looking for a tool to help you save time, money and stress, while promoting better health and time spent with loved ones, give Real Plans a try! Try out their Free Meal Plans here.

I fell in love with Real Plans in the first week of my subscription.  The recipes are so creative.  My favorite is the Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies!  (A treat on occasion!)


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