Nurturing your Mind, Body and Soul

This is the vision board I started in January of 2017. Any new beginning whether it’s the start of a new year, a new season or even a new week conjures cleaning out what does not serve us anymore and anticipating what we want that we do not have.

I have seen several people post their vision boards on Facebook recently. I’ve been working on mine — for two years! This is true.

I stared at these two words on my vision board for two years. I judged myself. What is wrong with me that I can’t finish it? What do I want to add?

The truth is that I needed to focus on just those two things. . . Be Still and Create.

Do you have a word or phrase in your life right now that you are focused on?

For most of my life, I was anything but still. I ran in perpetual motion. I ran and achieved and then ran some more, believing that being busy and productive was the path to success and happiness.

Can any of you relate to this? Have you been a human doer and not a human being?

The Cycle Continued

As a child, I ran from school to tennis to ice skating to flute lessons, religious school and play dates. Not much down time.

The down time memories I fondly remember were when I was alone, riding my bicycle, singing in my treehouse and playing school and library in my bedroom.

And this GO cycle, continued when I became a mom. I was planning the family’s social life, driving kids to and from activities, planning and cooking meals, working, volunteering, exercising and attending school myself.

I continued being in perpetual motion through a divorce and move, two of the most stressful events in a person’s life. I continued raising kids and added on a full-time job.

Then, I finally ran out of gas. Being on overdrive for so long caught up with me. My health suffered. It went like this:

  • I was tired and wired at night, couldn’t fall asleep, had trouble getting up in the morning, and drank coffee to inject energy.
  • I had joint pain and hives all over my face for an entire year.
  • I had major brain fog – couldn’t think clearly or concentrate.
  • I repeatedly forgot where I put my keys and other items on a daily basis.

I was approaching the big 50 and knew I was getting older but did not want to accept that my health was deteriorating just because I was aging. I had to change something.Einstein quote

Anyone else feel stuck in this cycle? Are you aching for a change, some relief?

Taking Back My Life

During my journey to take back my health, I started slowing down.

It was at this time in my life that I found FDN and realized addressing my Diet, Rest, Exercise, Supplementation, and Stress Reduction were key to addressing my health issues. Read more

For me, this was when I learned to sit still, to stop running and doing. I realized all along I had been a human doer and not a human being. I started just being. I spent time alone. I went to breath class and yoga and started journaling.

I sat with the discomfort of not knowing my next steps. I realized I had pushed away this discomfort so many years before by perpetual doing.

Be Still and Pay Attention

In that stillness, I started paying attention to my feelings, intuition and desires. I realized they all mattered, even the parts I had ignored for so many years. Even the parts I didn’t like about myself. They all made me who I am today.

It reinforced that we need to embrace all parts of ourselves – the good, bad, and ugly because that is what makes us human and unique. Each of us has unique gifts and if we don’t embrace it all, we deprive ourselves of the full blown human experience and others of the unique gifts we have to offer them.

I am going to be vulnerable here and tell you in the last few months of 2018, I felt stuck. I felt like I had fallen into an abyss. I felt stagnant and that I wasn’t creating much of anything.  Weeks went by and inspiration continued to elude me.

I did what I needed to do: be still.

I took care of work that needed to get done, and decided to be extra kind to myself. Just like I had cared for my kids or my dog or my plants, I gave myself whatever it took to get through a rough patch. I took time to sit still.

I took care of the family dog for a week and relished our time together with walks in the neighborhood and on the beach. I noticed how he frolicked and darted into the ocean and was so happy, just being himself and feeling free.

I started appreciating living so close to the beach and walking on the sand and soaking up the sun’s rays. I appreciated all of my senses and the opportunity to get quiet and feed my soul.

Listening to Myself

In those quiet moments, truly listening to myself, I kept revisiting a creative product I had been wanting to start for years, but always found a reason to push aside, thinking it was not going to get me anywhere.

The project kept knocking at my door and finally, I chose to listen. I pushed it aside for so long because of old tapes that played in my head that being creative was indulgent and not practical. Wow, time to get rid of those beliefs!

Even though I felt uncomfortable and indulgent, I decided to plow ahead and grant myself the space to be creative.

Creativity – do you allow yourself to indulge in it?

I did some research and found a group of women who shared my interest. I now meet with this group weekly and create my project. I will share more when the project is finished.

It is only in those moments of being still that I can create.

Have you ever lost yourself in something? How has creativity in one area of your life allowed you to be creative in another?

An interesting part about my new sewing project, which I do 3-5 hours/week, is while I am creating my artistic project there, my mind wanders to creating other projects in my work as a health coach.

While I am measuring and cutting and ironing and sewing, ideas pop into my head about future projects, talks I want to give in the community, and ideas for managing current clients.

Creativity in one area allows expansion in other areas. If you feel stuck in one area, chances are you feel stuck in other areas too.

Being still and creating, no matter how long it took, brought me to where I am today. While it seemed I was not doing much of anything for several months, I needed to just be for a while to tap into my creative energy.

What practices can you implement in your life that will allow you to be still…a walk on the beach, meditation or deep breathing, reading, writing in your journal, gazing at the flames in a fireplace, playing guitar, exercising, (My mind totally wandered so much one day while exercising that I tripped over the inflatable step apparatus – ouch!)

An Integrative Approach to Life

I have found an integrative approach to life results in finding joy and a life worth living.

While researching my sewing project, I felt inspired and energized and excited and hopeful.

As I am physically working, expending energy, I conjured up creative projects in my head relating to the nutrition talks I plan to give in the community in 2019 and ideas for blogs I want to write.

To create is to create in all aspect of life. When I cook I create, when I sew I create, when I arrange flowers in a vase, I create, when I choose my clothes for the day, I create. When I write blogs or do Facebook live videos, I create.

What I didn’t realize is when I stare out the window and see a beautiful sunrise, hummingbird or mountains in the distance, I am being still and setting the stage for creating.

Two Years Later

Two years ago, I began this journey with a vision board made up of — Be still and Create. I have learned that you cannot rush this process. I spent two years thinking and being and processing. I sparked my own creativity. I broke out of being stuck. And, I did it all in my own time.  

I would love to hear about where you are on your journey now. Has the new year woken a desire for change in your life? Is your body telling you to slow down and listen?

Feeding your body and soul is not just about eating kale and hitting the gym daily. It’s about learning to listen to yourself and giving yourself what you need. 

It is only when we take care of ourselves, physically, mentally, and spiritually, that we can truly have our health support our happiness.

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