How to Detoxify Your Body

There are several steps to detoxifying your body. Whether you are detoxifying to address one or more specific physical ailments or just wanting to prevent illness and make healthier choices, these steps can be a huge step towards a healthier you.

Steps to Detoxification

The primary goal of detoxification is to lighten the load on your liver by minimizing daily exposure to toxins.

  • Drink water – drink half your body weight in ounces every day.  This will allow the kidneys to filter your blood and remove toxins from the body.  Make sure the water is not from the tap or plastic bottles, as they both increase overall toxins in the body. It is best to use a whole water filtration system or at least a table top water filter.
  • Eliminate environmental stressors – Consider the chemicals you encounter outside, in your workplace and in your home that have negative health consequences.

Environmental Stressors

Products such as household cleaning products, deodorant, air fresheners, candles, perfume, personal care products, hair care and makeup, mattresses, furniture, carpets, food storage containers, cookware and electronics can all be sources of toxic exposure.

Many of these products contain chemicals that cause hormone disruption, endocrine changes and toxicity to our cells, tissues, and organs.  You can see how many toxins our liver has to detoxify on a daily basis.  Normal everyday life taxes our body and our liver works overtime to mop it all up.

Add breast implants and they may just be the tipping point that causes the mug to overflow.  No wonder so many women with breast implants feel sick.

I help my clients switch out some of these unhealthy products for healthier alternatives. This helps to decrease the toxic burden on the body.  A great resource for assessing which products or chemicals are okay or not is the Environmental Working Group.

Personal Care Products

Your soap, shampoo, conditioner,moisturizer, makeup and sunscreen should not contain harmful chemicals that disrupt hormones. Many are linked to cancer, neurotoxicity and other ill health effects.

Note:  There are clean brands out there.

It is important you are aware that there are no laws to regulate a manufacturer claiming that their products are “natural” or “organic.”

It is best to go with companies that require certificates of purity from their manufacturers. Check to see if they consistently test their products for harmful chemicals including heavy metals.

Beautycounter does this testing and their social mission is to change outdated laws in the personal care products industry to make products safer for all of us.

Imagine a company looking to create more regulation in an industry in which it is a leader.

Imagine using high-performing products for your entire family with ingredients sourced among the safest available.  You get all of this with Beautycounter.

By supporting these products with your dollars, you are not only gaining health benefits, but you are also changing the entire industry one family at a time.  Say no to what is making us sick.

You have so much impact!  Companies will be forced to switch to safer ingredients and safer products when you make it clear that is all you will accept!


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