Breast Implants – I Gave My Power Away

I gave my power away to a man in a white coat. He was a surgeon and I believed him when he told me breast implants were safe, silicone does not leach out of its casing, and there are newer and improved versions. The testing had been done.

When I mentioned a woman who had become vocal in a movement to inform other women about the health risks of breast implants, my doctor rolled his eyes and called her a troublemaker.

Breast implants has been in the news a lot lately. The FDA is finally re-visiting their safety after tens of thousands of women, who have experienced debilitating illnesses after implanting, have reported significant reduction in symptoms or complete healing after explanting.

What Is The FDA Saying About Breast Implants?

The FDA is admitting inadequate studies had been done to assess the safety of breast implants. They report manufacturers were supposed to follow a large number of women for 7-10 years as a condition for FDA approval.

This simply was not done.

Furthermore, there are 2 flaws with the testing method; first, the manufacturers ran their own studies. This is a huge conflict of interest and raises the question of biased results. Second, some studies lasted 7 days. This is simply not enough time to show adverse effects.

Thankfully for women who suffer from breast implant illness, there is a growing group of doctors who have been publishing their own studies and observations.  They clearly show the relationship between silicone toxicity and compromised health, specifically autoimmune, endocrine, and hormonal system disruptions.

One particular study reported it took an average of 2.5 years after implantation for women to develop disease symptoms.  Some noticed symptoms in as little as 2 weeks and others, as late as 18 years after implantation.  This study also reported 90% of patients were symptomatic after 6 years.

So, a 7 day study would not seem to pick up any adverse health episodes.

 A Little Too Late?

So, the FDA is now sending warning letters to two of the four companies approved to market breast implants in the United States. The citations are for not keeping enough patients in their studies and for not following them long enough. The agency is threatening to withdraw approval of the implants and taking them off the market if the companies do not do follow up monitoring.

Why did The FDA approve the marketing of breast implants before the research was done?  Doesn’t this seem backwards?  The only explanation I can offer is there was a lot of money to be made by getting the implants in the marketplace and safety took a back seat.   

Does the FDA Protect Us?

The FDA, an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is supposed to protect us from drugs, vaccines and medical devices that could harm us. It is also supposed to keep us safe from anything harmful in our food supply, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. Its mission also includes the regulation of tobacco products and products that give off electronic radiation.

How safe do you feel that the FDA is protecting us from things that can potentially harm us? Do you blindly believe, as I once did, that products would not be on the market, or FDA approved, if they were harmful to us?

Has the FDA, or any other government agency, warned us of the dangers of heavy metals in vaccines, glyphosate in our food supply, carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting chemicals in personal care products?  What about cigarette smoke before it was regulated in 2009 and electromagnetic radiation?

Hell, no. It is citizens who do their own research, raise their voices and encourage others to wake up, too. Companies that manufacture products that are harmful to us start paying attention only when lawsuits are filed.

Have You Given Your Power Away? 

We give up our power when we don’t do our research, naively believe others have our best interest at heart, and when we do not take responsibility for our own health.

Getting breast implants was not the first time I gave away my power. Years earlier, I had learned to distrust my instincts and quiet my voice. Other people had the answers. Men, especially, knew better than I did so I deferred to them.

This is how I got to being one of those women who got breast implants. I thought adding to myself was a good idea. Heck, if I could add to what was not ample to begin with and then diminished by nursing three babies, why not? I never thought twice about the health ramifications.

Feeling Not Enough Sets The Stage  

Feeling not enough sets the stage for giving one’s power away. I have spoken with so many women with breast implants who got them, “installed” because they, too, felt not enough. They took to heart comments made by a man at some point in their lives or societal pressure of what breasts should look like.

Now, when I see a woman at my gym or on the street who obviously has breast implants, I feel like saying to her, “You were perfect the way you were. Get them out. Restore your health. Embrace the beauty that is uniquely yours.”

Taking Responsibility

I take full responsibility now for having implanted and then explanted. When I learned 2 years ago that Breast Implant Illness was real, I got scared. Was it worth playing Russian roulette with my health? If I did not take steps to control my health now, how would my health support my happiness in the future?  

No, I want to be me. In full form, whatever that looks like. Nobody can make me feel big or small unless I give them my power.

I am committed to helping others, too, step into their power. I feel inspired every day as a health coach when I guide and educate clients to take responsibility for their own health.

Empowering Clients To Take Control Of Their Health

I recently empowered a client, who has been on thyroid medication for 20 years, and whose doctor insists she is doing fine, to listen to what her body is trying to tell her.

She does not feel fine.

In fact, she is so tired she has trouble getting out of bed in the morning, even after 8 hours of sleep, is irritable around her family, has hair falling out, and has trouble remembering things she used to easily recall.

With lab testing, we discovered foods she was eating everyday were actually attacking her own body and setting the stage for an autoimmune condition. We discovered dyes and food coloring and inflammatory substances in her medication.

Education, Options, And Finding Solutions!

After educating her and offering alternatives to shift what was not working, I am guiding her on a healing protocol so she can feel good once again and live the rest of her life with energy and passion and health to support her happiness.

It is out of my scope of practice as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner  to diagnose a specific condition or tell a client to go off medication.

What I am doing is helping this client find her voice and know what questions to ask her doctor.  She gets to decide if  she and her doctor are on the same page moving forward.  She now knows she has the option to search for another doctor if she wants a different level of care.  Yes, when something is not working, sometimes we think there is only one way, but there are always options! Sometimes we just need people to point them out to us.

How I Help Clients

I help clients discover healing opportunities that traditional doctors aren’t trained to look for and a plan to shift how they eat, rest, move, and reduce stress so their bodies can be freed up to function at its best.  

I help men and women who wake up every day feeling something’s not quite right with their body, and wonder if there is a solution, find ways to heal and feel better so they can embrace the rest of their lives with energy and passion and health to support their happiness.

Are you ready to take back your power? Are you ready to empower yourself to discover why your health is spiraling downward and then take steps to heal yourself so you can feel strong in your own body once again? If so, schedule a free Discovery Session here to help you Wynne At Your Own Health!

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